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2014 Le Pre du Col Vineyard Pinot Noir 5L

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$770.00 per Bottle

Le Pré du Col Vineyard: A Bergström Wines Estate
Planted 2006     *     Ribbon Ridge AVA     *     Elevation: 400ft

The first Ribbon Ridge AVA estate that we were honored to add to our portfolio. This magnificent 16-acre marine-sedimentary shallow sandy soil terroir is owned by the Hill family and farmed by Bergström Wines in partnership since its inception. Pinot Noir and Chardonnay from this amazing site are known for their depth of spice, rare woods, incense and oceanic salinity aromatics and for their rich textural layers of fruited spice and earthy minerality. These are seriously age-worthy wines.  Learn more about the Le Pré du Col Vineyard

Josh Bergström's Notes

The soils at Le Pre du Col are ancient marine sediments that were uplifted meaning that, at one time a very long time ago, this vineyard land was at the bottom of the sea. The sand content is quite high at Le Pre du Col. The sands here are different than our other marine sedimentary sights in that they are quite white in color and thus very reflective. We have found chunks of rock in the vineyard that would point to bedrock that is sandstone and/or shale driven with pockets of quartz rock.

The vigor in this vineyard is moderate; definitely not poor but not overly vigorous and vines here can definitely handle and ripen a natural yield of 2.75-3.5 tons to the acre although we tend to fine tune the crop in most years to 2.25 tons to the acre in years where we have a choice. In years where rain or hail or frost affect bloom, we get what we get and it is usually on the lower side of desirable but that, in turn, lends itself to greater concentration, extract and flavor intensity from this site.

Some descriptors to highlight the predominant flavors in this wine include - blueberry, cinnamon candies, Matsutake mushroom, fresh turned earth, reduction, incense and spice. These are the tasting notes that recur time and time again when I taste the wines from this vineyard without a winemaking manipulation that might forcefully try to bring forth such aromas, flavors or imagery. Drink Now - 2028. Alcohol: 13.5%

92 Points Wine Advocate     *     94 Points Wine Spectator     *     92 Points Wine Enthusiast

Wine Profile

Vintage 2014
Wine Style Red Wine
Varietal Pinot Noir
Alcohol % 13.5
Size 5.0 L
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